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"Dana shares easy, useful information she learned first hand to turn her hobby into a business. Her guide gives a great starting point for those that want to do the same!"

— Joni J.

Hi there! I’m Dana

And my mission is to give you the tools and resources you need to help you achieve your goals with your crochet business so you don’t have to learn the hard way like I did.

Not that long ago I was flying by the seat of my pants trying to find a way to bring in extra income using my crochet skills but having very little experience in how to do so. Jumping in with both feet was terrifying and frustrating at times. I often wished I had somebody who could tell me WHAT I needed to do and HOW I needed to do it without all the gimmicks. Several years later, here I am with some hard-earned knowledge under my belt and the determination to be that person I wish I that I had helping me along the way.

This Guide is just one of the many ways I intend to help you make money with your crochet business so you can live the life you want while creating the art you love.

Thank you for reading about my journey and I hope you will join me! Here's to the success of your crochet business!